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car accident insurance

Most of us never get in the car and think about ever getting into an accident. Lots of people don’t even put their seat belts on. However, sitting in an automobile, whether you are driving it or a passenger, is probably the most dangerous thing anyone does on a daily basis. This is why it’s so important to get car accident insurance that will properly cover you.

Each year there are approximately 5.5 million automobile crashes in the United States. While many accidents are simple fender benders that don’t cause significant damage, many are high impact collisions, which result in bodily injuries. In fact, nearly 4 million people in 2014 were injured by automobile accidents and needed medical care. If you are currently not a seal belt wearer, that statistic alone should convince you to strap up.

The good news is cars are safer than ever before with advanced technology like stability control and anti-lock brakes that greatly reduce the number of accidents. Many automobile manufacturers have in recent years began making surround airbags more and more common on their vehicles that have saved countless lives. These airbags are worth every penny of the additional cost.

Some new vehicles like the Audi A4 and Honda Odyssey have no accident fatalities reported from 2013 to 2014. This statistic reflects the superb safety technology in these amazing cars that can protect occupants from almost any crash. The point is to get a safe car to go along with the best crash insurance, so you can not only stay alive but also protect your financial assets.

What to do after an accident

An auto accident can be super stressful. This first thing you should do, if you can, is move your vehicle out of the path of danger. Many crashes are pile up events, like a patch of ice or in foggy conditions. Sometimes the more serious crash happens after the initial impact.

Once you have moved your vehicle to a safe area, call 911 and get help. Next, take some basic notes about what happened in the event you don’t recall too much later. Write down the area of the accident, the other parties name, address and license of their vehicle. Another important tool people are using more and more is smart phone videos.

All auto insurers prefer video footage of accidents because it gives a more precise view of the scene. You should take a few photos with your smartphone of the scene, in addition to a short video detailing the accident area, a damage done to your car and also the other parties vehicle. The more thorough you are with your accident recording, the easier and faster your claim will be processed.

Car Accident Coverage

The best car accident insurance by far is a comprehensive policy. If you want maximum protection in the event you are involved in a crash, then look into comprehensive plans. Remember that this coverage is more expensive than liability only or even collision insurance.

If you can afford it and even more so if you have a new vehicle, comprehensive car accident insurance will cover you from anything that can happen to your vehicle. For example, you might crash into a fire hydrant or lose control of your car and hit a fence. Comprehensive insurance is the best policy you can buy for accident protection.

If on the other hand you have a used vehicle, that is only worth a few thousand, consider just getting a basic accident automobile insurance policy. A typical auto liability policy can be purchased for as low as $29 a month. Just be warned though that if you incur more damage to another person vehicle or cause significant bodily injury, your basic insurance might not be enough, and you could be held legally responsible for the difference. With accidents costing more and more each year, it’s smart to get full coverage auto insurance.

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