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A typical auto insurance policy will protect you from everyday activities like going to and from work, shopping and any other personal use. The insurer will protect you from unfortunate accidents that occur, as long as the vehicle is driven for personal reasons, and the customer did not misrepresent the use of the car. So what do you do if you start a new delivery business or open a consulting business in town and make regular business trips with your car? If you are using your automobile for business activity that is non-personal, then you will need to get business auto insurance coverage.

Business and Commerical Auto Insurance Costs

Car insurance for business is often more expensive than a standard auto insurance policy. There are several reasons for this.
Insurers price premiums and the cost of insurance based on risk. Drivers who are involved in peak hours of business, often in dense, unknown traffic conditions are considered higher risk. Think about the importance of commercial auto insurance like this.

Let’s say an entrepreneur has a pizza shop with two cars he uses to deliver the pizza. The pizza place makes deliveries 10 hours a day and the owner pushes the driver to get the fresh pizza to the customers as fast as possible. The delivery drivers are going to be more prone to accidents than a typical driver for several reasons:

* The large amount of miles driven each day and exposure to traffic.
* The vehicle is not the drivers and this is driven more aggressively.
* The driver is under pressure to deliver the pizza quickly, thus the potential for reckless and unsafe driving.

The more a car is driven, the greater the chance of an accident occurring. While not all businesses use their vehicles on a daily basis, stats show that business automobiles get into expensive accidents and insurers adjust for this high risk with higher premiums. It’s important when you apply for small business car insurance to accurately submit the amount of miles the car will be driven.

If you are a new sales consultant for example and only drive your business car 10-20 miles a day, then you will be able to get insured for a lot less. You also pay a lot less than an independent salesman covering three states, who drives 100 plus miles daily. If you don’t tell the truth about the amount of miles you will be driving the vehicle in your business and get into an accident, you might have a difficult time getting your claim paid out. And possibly even get your coverage cancelled.

Classes of Business Automobile Insurance

Auto insurance for businesses can be broken down into multiple classes. First, is a class commonly referred to as “social domestic” and personal if you drive the vehicle to work in addition to visiting multiple locations, such as sales calls. Next, coverage for drivers who travel to and from businesses is commonly referred to as class 3 usage. In addition to the policyholder, other employees can be added to the policy, but, of course, the cost of the coverage will be more expensive.

If your spouse uses the vehicle strictly for personal use, he or she may be able to be added to the policy, under certain restrictions. Important tip: make sure you review all the fine print of your business vehicle policy. Understand what your insurance does and does not cover in depth, in addition to who it covers before you ever buy a policy.

Cheapest Business Auto Insurance Quotes

Starting a small business is tough and owners need to save any way they can. Getting cheap business auto insurance quotes is easy if you search online for the best rates. At we help small and large business owners find the cheapest insurance along with quality coverage they can depend on. It only takes about 5 to 6 minutes to get a free quote, and the rates are displayed for your to compare online. Also, we can help you find online discounts for bundling multiple vehicles and safe driver discounts. Get your quote today and find new business coverage that saves you money.

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