Best car insurance – Good to go for it

best car insuranceIf you have a car, you need to get it insured, it’s just that simple. Every state has imposed laws that mandate at least a minimal level of liability protection. Since there’s no way of avoiding this expense, your focus should be on getting the best car insurance you can afford, that covers you adequately. Selecting the best auto insurance coverage can be a big hassle to say the least, along with trying to decide what insurance company to give your hard earned money to.

The importance of car insurance should not be overlooked because it protects you financially from major losses, as well as provides crucial medical protection, in the event you are in a serious accident. If you need help deciding on the coverage amounts to purchase or are looking for tips on saving money, you have come to the right place. Lets explore auto insurance more in depth so you can make better buying decisions.

Best Car Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance for years was essentially purchased at the recommendation of insurance brokers. People would sit down with a broker and discuss their budget and then usually just go along with whatever coverage was suggested by the agent. Thanks to the internet, many people are taking control over the insurance buying process and finding out they can often find the best auto insurance coverage without the help of expensive agents. People are in general much more familiar with the various insurance types and options available.

Once someone has a set budget to work with, then they can build a custom car insurance policy online, that often is cheaper than any policy sold by agents. By purchasing direct auto insurance, the smart consumer can avoid more expensive insurers, that have huge overhead costs and costly salespeople. Finding the best car insurance rates is usually going to start and end on the internet.

Lets take a closer look at the various coverage options you might want to consider adding onto your policy. Remember that the best car insurance policy is one that fits your needs and you budget. Cheap car insurance is not so cheap if you get sued for $50,000 because you bought the minimum coverage amounts and then were held liable for additional costs associated with an accident.

Ask yourself exactly how much can you afford for premium car insurance. You might want to cut down on other non critical expenses like buying an expensive watch and get higher amount of coverage, so you are better protected. If you lease a vehicle or have a car loan, the lienholder will require you to buy premium amounts of automobile coverage to protect the investment they have in the car.

Carefully chose all of the options you want and then get a free quote. Building a custom auto insurance policy is simple online and best of all, you can choose the lowest rates from hundreds of competing companies.

Best Liability Car Insurance

When you shop for the best car insurance, you are going to begin with liability insurance. Every single state requires it by law and it is at the core of any auto insurance policy. To put it in simple terms, liability insurance covers expenses you inflict on another persons automobile and bodily injuries that result from an accident you were responsible for. You should understand that is does not reimburse you for damage done to your car. Many recent liability policies have allowances that help pay for initial legal fees that occur after an accident.

The term liability, in terms of insurance, means that you were deemed liable for an accident including property and bodily harm you inflict. The party that’s involved in the accident you caused has a right to legal recourse, which means getting reimbursed for the damage you inflicted. Your liability amount, if you bought a good amount of coverage, will hopefully cover the cost of the accident.

If it does not, then you can be held liable for the difference between what your insurer pays and what is still owed. This is why it is stressed so often to get the highest amount of liability coverage you can afford, especially if you have substantial assets to protect, that could in the event of a large judgment against you be seized. Some people are on a tight budget and thus, the best car insurance is just simple limited liability coverage. In the future, it is always recommended to upgrade to a more comprehensive automobile insurance plan, once you can afford it.

When you select liability amounts, you will almost always see three sets of numbers slammed together like 50/100/50. The very first number refers to bodily injury limits per person, in this example, $50,000. The second number in the middle, is the total amount paid to all parties for bodily injury in the accident, in this case $100,000. The last number details the coverage amount for property damage, here being $50,000. When you choose the liability limits, your first consideration is the legal limits in your state.

Usually, when you get a quote today, these numbers will be pre-set, especially if you get a quote online. Next, determine your total household net assets, that in the event you cause a horrific accident, could possibly be taken away. If possible, get liability car insurance that is enough to cover most, if not all of your financial assets. This is what getting the best car insurance is all about, protecting your from catastrophic situations. Just think of it this way, the more you have to lose, the more insurance protection you need. Get a free liability auto insurance quote now and start comparing the lowest online rates.

Best Collision Insurance

Many people get comprehensive insurance and collision mixed up and don’t understand how the two are different. Collision
coverage is an independent unit of your automobile policy. It covers repairs or replacement costs to your vehicle in the event you were in an at fault accident, up to the market value of your vehicle. This means that if you have a 9 month old car that you bought new for $28,000, you might only get $24,000 if that is the current value for the vehicle. This is another reason why buying new vehicles is not always the smartest financial move.

The best collision insurance will adequately replace your vehicle in the event of an accident at a reasonable rate. A good way to get cheap collision insurance is to get a higher deductible and drive carefully. Choosing a deductible of $1,000 can make collision coverage affordable for most budgets. No states mandate collision insurance but it is really encouraged, especially if you have a car that is worth more than $6,000. To get the best collision insurance rates, get a quote now and compare multiple offers.

Best Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers your vehicle where liability and collision insurance end. In general, this coverage will pay for the repair or replacement of your vehicle resulting from a non vehicular incident. This means if your car is burned in a fire, sustains flood damage, gets hit by a deer, or even has a meteorite smash the windshield, you will be covered. Unlike liability insurance, comprehensive insurance is totally optional. The best comprehensive insurance plans are brought to complement liability and collision coverage.

If you have a new vehicle, it is recommended that you protect the investment you have made with comprehensive coverage. If you lease a car, the leasing company may require you to get comprehensive insurance plan to protect their large investment. A great way to get the best comprehensive insurance pricing is to get a higher deductible of $1,000, for example. This way you are protected from “acts of God” such as natural disasters, at a really affordable price. Get a free comprehensive insurance quote today and see how affordable this extra protection can be.

Best Insurance Quotes

Smart and savvy insurance shoppers almost always find the best car insurance quotes online. From the comfort of home, customers can compare different insurance plans from numerous competing insurers in just minutes. You can also use free car insurance estimator sites like to get a quick snapshot of your rates, just by answering 4 easy questions. For a more detailed insurance quote, use our free rate match service to find the cheapest car insurance online. Get your best insurance quote and win by saving.

by Toni Kohonen