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auto insurance discounters

If you are like most people and on a tight budget, finding out how to get auto insurance discounters is really good news. In recent years everyday expenses like gasoline, food and entertainment have gone up quite a bit. Car insurance has been no different due to increases in claim expenses. The increases can be attributed in part to drivers engaging in risky behavior like texting or talking on cellphones while driving and even surfing the internet behind the wheel.

Even though the national averages for car insurance have gone up, there are some often hidden ways you can get car insurance discounts that will save you some serious dough. This is because car insurance businesses are at war for your business and will offer upfront discounts and other incentives to get you to switch. Old mainstay companies such as Allstate insurance are getting beat in the marketplace by online savvy marketers such as Esurance and Geico. Allstate, State Farm and other old insurers are fighting back to get customers they have lost and also new customers by offering deep discounts.

Compare car insurance companies

Each car insurance company has certain customers it loves best. Here are a few categories you might fit into, that will allow you to save 10% or more. Just remember that the best way to save is to compare all of the top car insurance companies before buying insurance.

1. Senior drivers over the age of 55:

The AARPsenior driver over 65 company for example specializes in auto insurance discounters for older drivers. They not only have cheap car insurance but an array of services such as breakdown coverage but only for drivers over 55.

2. Safe drivers:
Geico offers an instant discount of 25% on average for drivers who have been accident free for 5 years or more. If you are a safe driver with a great record then you might consider the Gecko car insurance company.

3. Military personnel:
In recent years USAA Insurance has become more recognizable through national TV campaigns. This company has been providing cheap auto insurance to military members and their relatives for decades. Drivers who qualify for USAA car insurance can expect discounts of 20% or more over traditional carriers.
4. Good student discount car insurance:
Many large insurers such as State Farm have discounts for young drivers who have maintained a B average or higher in school. If you are a young driver needing insurance, get your grades up and your insurance rates will fall.

5. Bundling discounts:
This is one of the easiest way to save
money on car insurance when your household has two or more cars. Why would you buy 2 car insurance polices from different companies when you can get an instant discount up to 20% for bundling coverage. Quality insurers like Allstate over excellent rates on bundling. Get a free quote today with and see how easy it is to qualify for several automobile insurance discounts in just a few minutes.

6. Low mileage discounts:
If you drive less than 900 miles a month then you can often get a low mileage driving discount of over 10%. Some new car insurance companies such as actually offer super cheap car insurance for drivers who only drive a few miles a day. This new start-up charges about $35 a month for average car insurance and then a few cents per each mile you drive over the limit. For people who don’t drive much but still need a car, this makes perfect sense. For drivers who drive less than 10,000 miles per year, projects average savings of about $500.

Other car insurance discounts

Here are a few more discounts that you might not be aware of. The important thing is to take advantage of all the discounts you qualify for, so you can get the cheapest auto insurance discounters you deserve.

1. Safety features:
The safer your car is the more likely you will get a car insurance discount. Some of these include anti-lock brakes, surround airbags, slip control, and back-up cameras. Also, one safety feature that is expensive but often worth it if you have a highly valued car, is the Lo-jack alarm. This security system will track your vehicle in the event it is stolen and report it’s location to the police. Expect to save about 5% on vehicle insurance by having these features, which over time will help pay for their upfront cost.

2. Daytime running lights:
Many new vehicles have made running lights standard. Insurance companies will give you discounts because automobiles utilizing these lights get in far fewer accidents. Fewer accidents mean less claim expenses for insurers and they in turn pass these savings onto you.

3. Marriage discount:
Many newlywed couples don’t realize that they could save instantly on auto insurance just because they are married. Car insurance companies have decades of data that prove married people are safer, more careful drivers, that get in far fewer accidents. If you have recently gotten married, then get a new auto insurance quote and check for cheap married insurance rates.

Online car insurance discounters

Today many top auto insurance companies provide online auto insurance quotes. When you apply for your quote, make sure you take advantage of every possible discount you qualify for. The cheapest car insurance rates today can most often be found online at sites like Get a no obligation discounted car insurance quote and save 40% or more.

by Toni Kohonen