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Auto Insurance can be confusing with all of the options and different types of coverage. Many people feel overwhelmed and confused as to exactly what to buy. Lets take a closer look at the six core auto insurance coverage divisions and then you can decide what are most important to you.

Auto Insurance Coverage Liability


Auauto insurance liabilitytomobile coverage that pays for injuries you cause to another person is liability body damage protection. You will also be covered if you or any members of your family are listed on the insurance policy while driving another persons vehicle, as long as you have their consent.

It’s super important to get adequate coverage because in the event you are in a major accident, there is a serious possibility of you getting sued for a huge amount. With lawyers constantly on TV bragging about the huge sums of money they received for their clients, you really should get $250,000 of liability protection if you can afford it.

Personal Injury protection or PIP coverage
This type of coverage pays for medical injuries to the driver ofpersonal insurance protection the automobile as well as the policyholders passengers in the car. In addition, PIP protection can also cover loss of earnings, funeral expenses as well as selected costs associated with services that under the circumstances, were not able to be performed.

If you are out and about driving around with friends all the time, meaning you always have passengers in your car, getting a good amount of PIP protection could save you from legal judgments resulting from serious medical bills.

Property damage liability coverage
This type of auto coverage will pay for damage you inflict to another person’s property. In most cases, this will mean damage done to their automobile, but it could also mean covering damage resulting from hitting a person’s dog, fence, garage, mailbox or other items. If you are a safe responsible driver then you should get the minimum amount of property damage insurance.

Collision Coverage


This auto insurance coverage will pay for damage to youproperty damage liabilityr vehicle as a result of a collision with another automobile. It will also pay for damage done to your car such as a pothole. In general, collision insurance is sold with deductibles ranging from $250 to over $1,000. Always remember that the higher your deductible is the lower your premium payments will be.


If you are responsible for an accident or are “at fault” don’t worry, this is why you have insurance. Your collision coverage will pay you for damages done to your vehicle after subtracting the deductible, and if you get a good policy, will even give you a complimentary rental vehicle while your car is being repaired.

Comprehensive coverage
Comprehensive insurance as the name implies, covers damage caused to your car by almost anything other than another vehicle. For example, your car could be swept away in a flood in the middle of the night or your car could be damaged by a fire, vandalism, hail storms, and animals such as dogs or deer. Many people have even had their vehicle totaled by hitting a large deer.

comprehensive coverageUsually comprehensive coverage is sold with deductible amounts of $100 to $300. You might consider getting comprehensive coverage but opting for a greater deductible so you can keep your premium as low as possible. Consider shopping online for the best comprehensive rates with discount carriers like Good to Go auto insurance.

Uninsured and under-insured coverage
This type of insurance will reimburse you, family members and even those you have as designated drivers if you are involved in an accident and the other party has no or non-adequate insurance your family members. Today there are more uninsured drivers than ever so it is really smart to get covered.

Uninsured and underinsured coverage

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by Toni Kohonen