Car Insurance Application

So you are tired of paying more for car insurance than you think you should. You have been putting off getting an auto insurance application, but your policy is about to expire and you want to try and get lower rates. If this sounds familiar, then you should know that now is the best time to apply for automobile insurance quotes online. This is because comparing vehicle insurance rates online is easier than ever, if you just take the time to apply to multiple auto insurance companies and accurately fill out your quote form. Here are a few tips that will help you along the way and hopefully save you some big bucks.

1. Always fill out the insurance form completely

It might not seem too important to skip a question when you apply for auto insurance, but it could end up wasting you a lot of time. For example, if you enter an incorrect social security number or other crucial information, you might not even get quoted and will just be wasting your time. Remember that insurers use all of your information to assess your risk potential and verify it before you get an actual quote. If you make an honest mistake, that is ok. More than likely you will catch the error when you review the quote and can change it. However, insurance fraud does not pay and has legal consequences that could just get you in a heap of trouble. If you are given a quote after making an error, go back and re-enter your info, so your policy is in good standing.

Auto insurance application

 2.Not listing all of the drivers on the policy

When you are filing out your car insurance application, make sure you list each and every driver who will be using the vehicle. Many people who have teenage drivers or family members with serious driving tickets, will not include them on the policy, in an attempt to get a cheaper rate. While this might save someone some money in the short run, if there is ever an accident involving a non-insured driver, your policy could get canceled, and your cost of insuring the vehicle could skyrocket. Even worse, you could end up being liable for legal damages, so it’s just not worth it in the long run.

3. Lying on your automobile insurance application

Today it is harder than ever to get away with a lie because there are databases with information all about you out there. When you apply for car insurance, be truthful about everything. This means if you have a poor credit score, don’t lie and say you have excellent credit. The insurer will more than likely find out about your real credit before issuing you a policy anyways. Likewise, give the actual address where the car will be parked and give out your real phone number and other related info, like the precise mileage on the vehicle. If you are caught lying on your application for insurance, you just might get denied coverage and end up paying higher rates.

4. List the real use the vehicle will be used for

If you plan on using your car to start a business, then state that on your application. You could end up writing the cost of the insurance off and save even more money. Also, if you have a second or third vehicle that is only used on rare occasions, make sure you detail that, so you can get a significant discount.

5. Apply for auto insurance online and save more

Today the average car insurance shopper has no excuse for getting a good deal on the coverage they need because almost everyone is either connected to the internet or has access to it. Gone are the days when someone just calls up their local insurance agent and trusts them for the best rates. People are going online by the millions and getting personal auto insurance rate quotes, which more often beat the rates of any brokerage or agency. Nearly all insurance sites offer free quotes, and some companies have special online rates that you can only get by getting quoted on the site.

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