Auto Insurance and Accidents

auto insurance and accidents
For the past few decades, car accidents have been trending down, this can be attributed to many things such as advancements in automobile technology like anti-lock brakes, better stability control systems, advanced tires and so on. Vehicles today have amazing technology that pioneers like Henry Ford could never have imagined.

Some automobiles even have advanced warning systems that apply the brakes in the event the driver did not already, which has reduced many crash incidents. Some manufacturers like Honda have begun installing standard back-up cameras on many models, that allows drivers to see what is behind them, thus avoiding many accidents.

Despite all of these advancements, lately auto accidents are trending up. One sobering stat shows for the first six months of 2015, a sharp rise in vehicular related deaths. Likewise, many insurers have begun to raise rates as a result of this uptick in fatal crashes; this is because auto insurance and accidents go hand in hand. The fewer accidents reported to an insurer, the less in claims that are paid out and the more profit the carrier makes. Conversely, as claim costs jump, insurance companies are put under pressure to raise premiums to maintain profitability.

So why are these new accidents occurring as automobiles are safer than ever? Some people might point to the usual culprits of drinking and driving as well as excessive speeding. While these are steady factors in severe crashes, there is a new trend that is emerging. As more and more people are currently unemployed, they have more time to drive and are thus are on the road more. With more people driving around, this leads to more cars getting into accidents. While this theory has some validity, it does not explain the massive jump in incidents the last couple years. There is a scary danger on the road today; it is in the millions. That danger is people driving while using cell phones.

Cellphone Drivers are a Menace

Although most states have strict laws that ban the use of cellphones and driving, many people are violating these laws. As phones have gotten smarter, and feature rich with Facebook and Twitter plugged in, many people have become obsessed with these devices. Have you ever seen a person who stops everything as if the world ended, just to check a text? Well, guess what, these people are all over our streets and freeways exhibiting this type of behavior. The new “elephant in the room” for insurance carriers is how to deal with distracted drivers.

Studies have shown that distracted driving is just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol. Even worse, almost everyone that owns a car now has a smartphone. People that are driving while phone distracted are not only putting their lives in danger but everyone who shares the road with them. As these horrible accidents increase by these irresponsible people, car insurance rates go up. Not only does distracted cell phone drivers endanger lives, but costs us all with higher insurance premiums.

The latest statistics put out by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA, reveals that an estimated one on four car accidents is now attributed to cell phones. The last statics involves drivers watching videos on YouTube while driving, texting, talking and even posting on social media sites. Sadly, as automobiles have become smarter, drivers have become more careless and stupid behind the wheel. If this terrible trend continues, there could be more than 40 thousand vehicular deaths in 2015, with many a result of illegal cellphone use while driving.

How You can be a Smart Driver

While you cannot control the behavior of others, you can be a smart driver and never use a smartphone when you get behind the wheel. Not only will you keep your life safer, but everyone else who is sharing the road, this will also lower auto insurance and accidents costs for everybody.

With the new year fast approaching, make a simple vow never to drive while using a cellphone in 2016. You can also save money in the new year by getting a free good to go insurance quote online. The application only takes about 4 minutes to fill out, and you can easily save hundreds on your automobile rates. Get started today and qualify for money-saving online discounts.