Does Aflac Sell Auto Insurance?

Aflac auto insurance
Most people are familiar with the cute little Aflac duck that does wonders on popular television spots like cutting people’s hair and dancing. Since this large insurer is so well known and even has a Youtube fan base, most consumers automatically assume the company sells private auto insurance. Many people, however, are stumped finding automobile quote options on the companies website and want to know, does Aflac sell auto insurance? The simple answer is no.

This multi-billion dollar firm provides private disability policies. Although you cannot purchase a direct Aflac car insurance policy, the provider does underwrite supplemental plans on automobile policies that are active, as the carrier is a major force in private disability ins. Technically speaking, Aflac does sell supplemental auto insurance policies that are already in place, but not on the open market like Geico and other popular vehicle insurers. Find your best insurance rate with a quick good to go insurance quote online.

Aflac Disability Insurance

Aflac does not offer standard coverage like homeowners or renters policies. This worldwide firm specializes in supplemental ins both for individual customers and families. The company offers medical and disability insurance plans that provide compensation to people in the event they lose income in addition to costly healthcare related costs. Most of the plans are sold in group coverage as an additional option.

If a person becomes disabled due to an injury on the job or has a prolonged illness, having Aflac insurance can be a huge financial benefit in stressful times. Perhaps most people unwittingly relate the companies duck mascot to the Geico gecko, but Aflac car insurance is not currently a product that is offered. To get some of the lowest rates for your vehicle, get a good-to-go ins quick quote on the web or over the phone.

Does Aflac Sell Health Insurance?

As with auto ins, lots of consumers mistakenly believe Aflac health insurance is also available. This is not exactly the case. This providers disability plans are often sold along with health insurance but not together, as the company does not offer specific healthcare policies. Most agents will recommend Aflac after a health ins plan is already purchased to supplement and broaden the customers coverage. In almost all cases, you will not be able to buy Aflac’s disability products unless you first have a health ins policy in place.

There is the rider insurance option that is available for many automobile insurance plans that cover extended medical care costs, in addition to a small amount of recurring income. Rider insurance is somewhat expensive and, not all companies offer this extended option. Most consumers prefer to buy Aflac supplemental care, which is more affordable and has additional benefits that most other disability insurers do not offer.

Aflac Car Insurance Supplements Your Existing Policy
Automobile accidents are stressful incidents, which often come with serious bodily injuries and missed work. Many people incur extremely expensive medical bills, not to mention all the money lost by not being able to work. Aflac car insurance acts to supplement a person existing policy with additional benefits for those that have extended time recovering and lost wages. It is often difficult to get direct auto insurers to pay out fully for all the health-care related costs incurred after an accident. Aflac automobile ins will pay for expenses, including:

* Lengthy Hospital Stays

* Short-term lost income

* Income For Daily Expenses

* Emergency room costs

* Dental care

* Intensive care Costs, including Ambulance service

Aflac Auto Insurance Claims
Aflac has a strong reputation for paying claims in full and on-time. Customers can expect to receive their Aflac auto insurance claims to be paid directly and not through a 3rd party insurer or medical company. This helps people get access to financial benefits much quicker and eases the stress level often accompanied with filing claims. In serious accidents, the spouse may be able to receive immediate benefits from Aflac while the customer is still in intensive care. This customer first approach is one of the many reasons this provider has grown so fast worldwide.

Aflac car ins takes over after a person vehicle policy limits are fully used. For example, let’s say someone bought coverage with $50,000 for medical bills. After this amount is exceeded, Aflac will pay the additional costs. This includes dental care, as a result of injuries sustained from an accident and even ambulance transportation. Get your free good-to-go insurance quote today and find a cheaper rate.