2016 California Driver laws – Good to go

2016 california driver laws
Americans love their cars but nowhere is the use of the automobile more popular than in California. From the beautiful coastlines on Highway 1 to the great Golden Gate Bridge, there is so much to see and discover. There are nearly 40 million residents now in this western state and almost as many cars. Lawmakers are always busy updating motorists with new laws to keep the roads safer. Here are some of the new 2016 California Driver laws and regulations for bicyclists that are now in effect or will become law soon. To learn how to lower you California car insurance rates, get a fast quote from good to go insurance online.

  1. Children and Safety Belts

Tests have revealed that kids are safer in child seats that are rear-facing. Starting on January 1st of 2017, children 2 or younger need to be restrained in rear-facing child seats. This resulted from assembly Bill ( AB ) 53 that passed. In prior years, only children 1 or younger were mandated by law to be secured facing the rear. If you have kids that are over 40 pounds or taller than 40 inches, then this new law will not affect you. Kids 8 or under are required by California law to be secured in a child restraint seat while the vehicle is moving at all times.

  1. Headphones and Earbuds

For all those drivers that like to jam out on the road with earplugs or headsets, beware of bill SB 491. This is because new laws are now in motion that prohibits the ears from being covered or being inserted with earbuds while driving. This law is intended to help motorists hear what is going on around them. This includes emergency vehicles, police units in pursuit and other drivers who honk in dangerous situations. In years past, earbuds were permitted, but this resulted in a higher amount of incidents, as drivers simply could not hear what was happening near them.

  1. Reporting on Traffic Accidents

Minor accidents took up much time with the police and stalled, non-moving traffic. In prior years, drivers that were involved in simple, non-injury crashes were not required to report them if the amount of damage was $750 or less. Anything over that amount needed to be reported to the DMV. Now, bill SB 491 raises that limit to $1,000. This will put more responsibility on drivers to take care of small accidents and not bog down officials at the DMV or police. The law goes into effect on January 1st, 2017.

  1. Electronic Skateboards

One of the hottest crazes going on now are the hoverboards. These mobile skateboards are fun to use but also dangerous. Bill AB 604 puts new restrictions on these devices. They may only be used for riders 16 or older, and helmets must be worn. These electric boards may be used on sidewalks, dirt trails and even highways. However, they are not allowed to go faster than 35 on highways. For sidewalk cruisers, the speed limit is 15 MPH. Lawmakers have allowed local cities to impose further restrictions on these devices as they are prone to serious accidents and even death.

  1. Electric Bikes

CA Bill 1096 classifies electric bicycles into three classes
The first class: Pedal assisted bikes with a motor that stops after speeds of 20 MPH or more.
The second class:  Bicycles that are throttle operated, regardless if a user engages the pedals.
The third class:  These bicycles are pedal driven, and the motor works only when the operator is pedaling.

Class one and two are allowed to use trails and bike paths in the city. However, class 3 bicycles are not permitted to use city bike lanes or trails.

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